The Criminal Finance Act of 2017 pushed the liability of supply chain compliance onto agencies and end clients.  Should an agency or end client facilitate or enable tax avoidance/evasion within their supply chain, then they will be faced with ever-increasing financial penalties (100% of fees), damaged reputation and even criminal charges.

HMRC expect agencies and clients to be proactive in their supply chain management. This includes performing due diligence checks, reviewing payslips and educating the workforce all of which can detract from the daily running of the business. Our approach to managing supply chain compliance outsources this burden and provides each member of the supply chain with irrefutable evidence and peace of mind.

If bad actors have infiltrated a supply chain the financial risk grows every day.

The majority of Umbrella companies are trying to provide a quality service in a very competitive market however there still is a number of them that are either ill equipped to comply with Employment and Tax legislation or are deliberately noncompliant.



For Recruiters and End clients Ignorance is not a defence.

In recent years Umbrella employment accreditations have gained prominence and for good reason. After an initial audit, the Umbrella company will typically be offered a badge of compliance and appear on a list of accredited suppliers.​

We believe that simply referring a candidate to a list of suppliers whilst tempting can lead to 100% outsourcing of supply chain compliance with little or no oversight.​

Umbrella Check solves this by providing ongoing and on demand supply chain oversight that routes out noncompliance protecting everyone engaged in the supply of temporary workers.



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