Your Trusted Compliance Accreditation

Are you a recruitment agency concerned about the risks associated with unregulated umbrella companies in your supply chain? Or are you an Umbrella Company bogged down with the restrictions forced upon you from Preferred Supplier Lists?

We have the answer

Umbrella Check is your essential compliance accreditation partner, addressing all your worries with precision and expertise.

Take complete control of your compliance

Umbrella Check empowers recruitment agencies to take complete control over compliance, enabling them to proactively spot and address bad actors in their supply chain. With quarterly and on-demand real-time checks, user-friendly compliance logs, and continuous updates on content and courses, Umbrella Check offers a comprehensive and reliable compliance solution.

HMRC has the expectation that agencies and clients need to be proactive in their supply chain management. The guidance for the corporate offence of failure to prevent the criminal facilitation of tax evasion is made up of six principles.

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Proportionality of risk-based prevention procedures
  3. Top level commitment
  4. Due diligence
  5. Communication (including training)
  6. Monitoring and review

By building a service based on these six guiding principles, we help employment businesses illustrate their compliance by showing they adhere to the most rigorous standards.




“Through Umbrella Check, we have future-proofed our business by having a completely independent compliance partner in place that covers training, payroll and employment law.”
Alex Brazier, Managing Director, iBalance
“We can now feel confident that if discovery were to take place, we can prove that Radian has taken the necessary action in accordance with HMRC’s guidance”
Paul Curry, Managing Director, Radian Resourcing