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Recently, HMRC released guidance for recruitment agencies working with umbrella companies, a move that came shortly after the Autumn Statement, which notably did not address the regulation of the umbrella sector. While some have criticised the guidance as being basic and insufficient, at Umbrella Check, we view this as a timely reminder of the responsibilities that lie with recruitment agencies in ensuring supply chain compliance.

But Really, What Does This Mean for the Industry?

While the guidance may not have introduced new regulations, it underscores a crucial point: the onus of ensuring compliance within the supply chain rests significantly on the shoulders of recruitment agencies. This responsibility is more critical now than ever, given the evolving nature of tax avoidance schemes and the complexities of the umbrella company market.

The Consequences? They’re Real!

The guidance serves to reinforce the importance of due diligence and vigilance in the recruitment industry. It highlights the potential consequences of involvement in non-compliant supply chains, which can include prosecution for failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion, penalties related to VAT fraud, and action against those involved in promoting or enabling tax avoidance schemes.

So How Do We Tackle This?

At Umbrella Check, we believe that agencies should proactively take steps to safeguard their operations and the workers they engage. Our services are designed to assist agencies in navigating these challenges, offering comprehensive checks and resources to ensure compliance and protect against potential risks.

In light of HMRC’s guidance, we encourage agencies to review their processes and partnerships with umbrella companies. Embracing a proactive approach to compliance, supported by Umbrella Check’s expertise, can help agencies avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance and maintain the integrity of their supply chain.

Despite the continuous changes in the industry, Umbrella Check remains dedicated to providing the tools and knowledge needed to stay compliant and secure.

Speaking about the publication of the guidelines, Director of Umbrella Check, Marco Carluchi said: “In light of the recent HMRC guidance for umbrella companies, it appears we may be witnessing the beginning of a new, more targeted approach by HMRC. This approach seems to focus on recruiters who do not adequately monitor their supply chains, the so-called ‘Enablers.’ It’s a clear indication that recruiters might soon find themselves directly in HMRC’s sights regarding their compliance responsibilities. This development highlights the importance of rigorous supply chain management and due diligence in the recruitment sector. Our team is ideally positioned to assist agencies with navigating these compliance landscapes, ensuring compliance standards remain high and regulatory expectations are met.”

Time to consider a Compliance HealthCheck?

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