Unlock Compliance Excellence

In the rapidly evolving landscape of compliance, Umbrella Companies face a host of challenges to maintain adherence to regulations and best practices. As your trusted compliance partner, Umbrella Check offers the ultimate solution to help your Umbrella Company overcome obstacles and achieve compliance excellence.

Navigating Compliance Complexity

In a dynamic regulatory environment, the introduction of the Criminal Finance Act 2017 marked a turning point for Umbrella Companies. With growing pressure from agencies and clients to showcase compliance procedures, the challenge was clear: How could Umbrella Companies prove their commitment to compliance in a changing landscape?

Traditionally, Umbrella Companies have relied on accreditation processes to verify compliance. However, these methods often fall short, providing a snapshot of compliance at a single moment in time and lacking the ability to adapt to evolving procedures and personnel changes.

Empowering Compliance with Umbrella Check

Recognising the need for a comprehensive and cost-effective compliance solution, Umbrella Companies are turning to Umbrella Check—a ground-breaking accreditation aligned with HMRC’s guiding principles. Umbrella Check offers a transformative approach to address the challenges faced by Umbrella Companies.

Increased Compliance Focus

With agencies emphasising supply chain compliance, the pressure is on to showcase adherence.

Thriving in an Unregulated Industry

In an unregulated industry, standing out with proven compliance practices is paramount.

Efficiency in Compliance Proof

Traditional accreditation processes are costly and offer a one-time validation.

Unlock Business Opportunities

Embrace growth by showcasing compliance excellence, opening doors to new business prospects.

Continuous Vigilance

Umbrella Check’s real-time monitoring ensures ongoing compliance updates, enabling timely adjustments.

Empower Your Team

Equip your team with essential knowledge to safeguard against financial crime risks.

Cost-Effective Assurance

With a budget-friendly subscription, Umbrella Check is an investment in sustainable compliance.

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, the value of compliance continues to soar. Umbrella Check empowers Umbrella Companies to secure a future marked by compliance excellence. With an independent compliance partner covering training, payroll, and employment law, you’re poised for long-term success.


“When the 2017 Act was introduced, we saw a change in the way agencies did business with us. Their biggest concern was the risk of debt transfer so compliance checks were more stringent and PSLs were tightened. The positives of this meant that the non-compliant Umbrella Companies were forced out of the market but it also mean that smaller Umbrella Companies had to fight harder for their position on agencies’ books”.

Alex Brazier, MD, iBalance