On Demand Payroll Review​

Making an ODPR request gives you a payroll snapshot that can reinforce the already robust Umbrella Check Protect regime. Alternatively, it can be used as a quick review for Umbrella suppliers that have not already become Umbrella Check Protected.​

Upon request, we will either provide the most recent Payroll review available or instigate a brand new ODPR and supply the results.​

The GDPR compliant payroll review is a quick and irrefutable test of payroll compliance that checks payslips against RTI submissions.


  • Copy of RTI submission selected​
  • Randomly selected payslips checked for accuracy and Compliance against RTI submission.​
  • Most recent Payroll review – £299.00 (+VAT)​
  • New ODPR – £499.00 (+VAT)​
  • Umbrella Check ODPR is a useful tool that can be used at will to ensure payroll compliance. It works either as a safeguard or for isolated incidences where you suspect noncompliance.